Good Vibes for Abi @ the 2018 Australian Open

Send a Message to Abigail Spears, our friend, & her partner, Juan Sebastian Cabal, at the 2018 Australian Open to go for the W!

Learn About Abigail   

We met Abigail in November of 2016 at DU’s Pioneering for Gold Gala. She was there as a guest speaker and we were there because Adam was being honored. We began a conversation and fast forward to January 2017, she could be seen practicing in a “Seeing Double, Be Doubles” t-shirt we made for her and friends for her 2017 AO (Australian Open) adventure. Her adventure turned into accomplishment and a rather pinnacle one at that…she won Mixed Doubles and her first career grand slam title. Now, she's back in the AO quarter-finals with Juan Sebastian Cabal again & they are looking to repeat the title win for 2018. Let's wish them the best by clicking below!

Send Abi & Juan Sebastian Well Wishes!

Denver is with you!!!

Best of luck to you, Abi and Juan Sebastian, in your QF game @AO2018. Wish you to go all the way and WIN 2nd Grand Slam title! -Vlad

Go Abi & Juan!

Go get them! -Benoit

Good Luck Down Under!

Pulling hard for you guys! Lets make it two in a row! -Ryan Freeman

Good Luck!

 Hope to see a repeat!! -Chapin

Rock it out!!!

Give them what you got, you two!! Take it to the net & leave it all out there! Go get your W! -Molly

Go for the repeat Abi & Juan!!

 Denver, Colorado is fired up and behind you all the way!! - JD

Go big you two!

Bring home some hardware !!!! -Linda Heise

Good Luck!

Good luck you will do great!!!!!! - Ryan

Abi & Juan

Good Luck at the AO Abi and Juan! - Nadeline Pierce

Good Luck Abi!

From your friends in Colorado! Colorado and Game-Set-Match, Inc customers are pulling for both of you. Repeat-Repeat-Repeat- (You two have this). Go Grand Slam Champs!!!!!! - A. Burbary

Abi & Juan

Good Luck. - Gabe Caldwell

Good Luck Abi & Juan!

Kick some butt out there! - Rachael  

Good Luck!

Good Luck!!! :) -Michael  

Go Abi & Juan!

Cheering for you and hoping Denver becomes a much better place to develop young tennis players! - Migdalia

Good Luck!

Good luck at the AO! - Ann

Abi & Juan

You are playing some amazing tennis!!! Great third set tiebreaker win - wow! Keep up the good work and go for the DOUBLE AO win!!! Sending lots of Colorado LOVE - Rachel H.

Go, Abi and Juan!

ACE Travel Pros is behind you all the way! -Jo