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Tennis Tip: So Many Reasons to Get on the Court!

Tennis Tip: So Many Reasons To Get On the Court!
So it's snowy and cold outside and sitting around with nothing to do inside is what you're currently doing with your free time. Get up off that chair and get into the game! 
Here’s Game-Set-Match’s Top 10 Reasons for getting on the court!

1. Exercise reduces stress.

    It pumps up your endorphins. Physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Although this function is often referred to as a runner's high, an active game of tennis also can contribute to this same feeling.

2. Playing sports builds self-confidence.
    Sports build belief in one’s own abilities, which leads to being more confident in everyday life. 
3. Playing sports can make new friends or acquaintances.
    Being on a team or in a partnership (even one across the net) can help make new
    friends, and form new connections, which can create a support system that leads to
    future opportunities and life-long bonds.
4. Tennis boosts brain development.
    Exercise improves learning, memory and concentration and has a positive impact on  
    brain development. Additionally, sports utilize strategic thinking and math, such as
    learning plays, strategies and keeping score and stats.
5. Exercise teaches teamwork.
    Participating in sports help develop teamwork and leadership as we work together to
    win the game. Consider a doubles league or meet a partner through a challenge ladder 
    or tournament! 
6.  Sports help develop a healthy, competitive spirit.
     Being exposed to various levels of skill and talent gives us the opportunity to imagine
     what we can achieve. Pushing our limits to improve in a sport creates the desire to
     expect more from ourselves and gain the respect of others.  
7. Being a Success.
    People who play sports learn they are rewarded for their efforts. This often drives
    academic and business success, which leads to new career opportunities.  
8. Goal setting benefits are built into playing sports.
   Achieving and setting goals are a big part of sports as we realize our hard work and
   discipline help us attain skills we need to score, to win, or to finish strong.  
9.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes from regular exercise.
     Physical activity develops a strong healthy body and increases quality of life. Sports are
     a fun way for us to stay active and fulfilled. We are less likely to drink alcohol, do
     drugs or smoke. After realizing what it's like to look good and feel great, we are more
     inclined to carry these habits into our daily life in all areas.
10. Exercise also has these added health benefits:
·       It strengthens your heart.
·       It increases energy levels.
·       It lowers blood pressure.
·       It improves muscle tone and strength.
·       It strengthens and builds bones.
·       It helps reduce body fat.
·       It makes you look fit and healthy.