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Exciting Discounted Bahamas TRIP!!! Too exciting for a Tuesday Morning!

If you are thinking about this delicious vacation, it just got easier TO GO! If you LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (not an image/post but the whole FACEBOOK PAGE (for tips, deals, motivational quotes, great tennis reads and sales), we are offering with ACE Travel Pros, $200 OFF the trip!!!!!!!!! Spend that $200 any way you wish before you go, on the trip, at Game-Set-Match for new threads if you book by November 1st!!! That date is soon but it's time to be exciting and have some fun with a friend, friends, a spouse, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a special someone in THE BAHAMAS playing some TENNIS!!! So that's $1675 per person for a LUXURIOUSLY RELAXING VACATION. 7 DAYS, ALL INCLUSIVE, no meals to pay for, lodging in a beatiful villa at CLUB MED where you can lounge around, play tennis at least once a day (included) and get away from the cold and same 'ol hum drum around here!
We are so excited to offer a TENNIS VACATION and we really hope some or many of you go. Reply to this email or to and tell her we sent ya! Get ready for some fun!

Get on the Court!