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June Tennis Tip: Top Ten Ways to Change the Flow of the Game!

Tennis Tip: How to Change the Flow of the Game!
Top Ten Ways to Change the Flow of the Game
(How to switch it up when you are losing)

When your opponent is becoming a master at extracting errors from you…

  1. Get the ball in. The more mistakes you make, your opponent wins; they like this.
  2. Don’t play so carefully, commit to hitting full, fluid powerful groundstrokes-nothing choppy. A match played in fear will result in a loss.
  3. Focus on the ball, not the opponent or their type of play.
  4. DO NOT “Give them a taste of their own medicine.” Playing their game is tricky because they are already good at the shots they rely on – they may beat you at a game like this.
  5. Serve & volley. Be ready to cover the court from passing shots and lobs but this will cut down on some of their strengths and regain a power position. Notice if they are riding the baseline, move them diagonally or pull them up to net, pull them from their comfort position.
  6. Ball control. Hitting at 75% and going for ball placement will take you off the errors list.
  7. Hit a mixture of shots! If they love the slice and have gotten you with it, give them a rainbow topspin or a deep approach shot that pulls them from their comfort position, forcing them to hit a different and less reliable shot. Pull them to the net or into the alleys, let them make some errors. Mix up your serve by adding spin, less pace or different placement. Prevent them from constructing plays by hitting a variety of shots. Increase the length of each point if possible or hit a drop shot to change the game in your favor.
  8. Prepare to hit your favorite shots by choosing good footwork and setting up your body position for your game. Hit a shot you can achieve with good results.
  9. Take your time to regain composure and dictate new rhythm. No funny business but break up any fast-moving loss-its your game to win, take your time to feel comfortable and control the tempo of the game, this is a way to change it up!
  10. Stay positive on the outside even if you are angry, don’t give away mental advantage too! Work to stay calm and cool inside– breathe out and in to chill out. Giving in to negativity will only cause you to tense up and choke. Attempt to dissipate anger and frustration and visualize how you will feel hitting your favorite stroke or target and winning the point. Equalize your opponent to yourself, don’t lose your own self-respect, you are good enough to win.




“Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” – Chuang Tzu


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