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April Tennis Tip: Body Position


By Molly Carr - April 3, 2016

April Tennis Tip: Body Position
Tennis is so much fun! Need to get better? Find a club, book a clinic, a lesson, schedule with friends or teammates to hit and play while paying attention to your strokes and work on new techniques to see improvements in your game. 

A tennis bootcamp I am in right now has been beneficial because I have learned more than a few tips I have not either understood or have never heard before. One technique I learned was to sit and lift for a groundstroke. It has even been suggested to take a chair or yoga ball on the court and sit upon the chair in preparation for making contact for each stroke and then lift after contact and finish the follow through. Although I did not bring out the chair, I did put the advice into practice and I got results! Every time I focused on sitting before making contact, I found that I was more prepared for my own stroke and took my time to think more about body position and placement and the ball did great things!

This success got me thinking more body position and what a difference these tiny adjustments can make. I also learned from MANY different videos that your wrist and arm should be relaxed and loose even when hitting which I usually grip very tightly when I'm under pressure. In addition, its more important to be rotating your upper body to generate the power rather than from your arm-lots to learn! 
Watch the following video featuring Federer & Djokovic below to begin working on something new yourself! 
To watch the video, click here:

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