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Sunday Funnies!

Sunday Funnies! US OPEN Fun! Tons of info for you!

By Molly Carr - September 4, 2016

Sunday Funnies! 
Did you know we have pros & tournaments listed on our website to help you Get on the Court! 
The State Open is at Gates in September! Great article on Venus
So much fun watching the US Open and the whimsical, athletic people it brings to the table. A real treat to be able to watch this level of play when you are a player yourself! We hope you have made it down to the SALE to get racquet recommendations, advice on string or new string patterns to try- we strive to give you awesome customer service every time so ask us! 
We made a commercial that has been airing during the Open & we hope you will pass it on! 30%off Everything in the store is a deal you can't get during the year & closeout items are marked down 60%off-crazy! Watch the commerical below & be proud of your store! We really hope to see you soon! 

Game-Set-Match, Inc. US OPEN 2016 Commerical! Click here!

Great invterviews from the players about their play & their mindset ICYMI! Click below! 
Look for Venus's interview-couldn't link to it but great to see her shine! 

get on the court!