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We have a friend on the Tour!

Follow her story!

By Game Set Match - February 25, 2017

Something exciting has happened! We have our own personal friend on the tour. Read on to meet Abigail Spears and get to know a friend of Game-Set-Match, Inc.'s, who trained here in Colorado! We are very excited to follow her through the Tour!

Around the World with Abi

We met Abigail in November of 2016 at DU’s Pioneering for Gold Gala. She was there as a guest speaker and we were there because Adam was being honored. We began a conversation and fast forward to January 2017, she could be seen practicing in a “Seeing Double, Be Doubles” t-shirt we made for her and friends for her 2017 AO (Australian Open) adventure. Her adventure turned into accomplishment and a rather pinnacle one at that…she won Mixed Doubles and her first career grand slam title.

She’s part of our GSM family and we thought it’d be fun for us all to follow her around the globe in this, her last year of professional competition.

The short story on Abigail is she was born in San Diego and took to tennis early and often. She played in high school and landed at UCLA on scholarship. In 1997 and 1998, she was ranked in the US Top 10 as a junior in both singles and doubles. She’s a 2-time USTA juniors hardcourt doubles champ and earned a wildcard to the US Open in 1997 and 1998. She turned pro in 2000 and moved to Colorado in 2005 with her family. The support of her parents has been monumental and timeless from the beginning. While battling cancer from 2006 to 2008, Abigail’s mom constantly encouraged her to push on and pursue her dreams. Abigail lost her mom but has not lost her fighting spirit and that along with her dad’s tireless enthusiasm continues to propel her forward.

Dean Brittenham, her athletic and fitness coach from 1994-2015, was instrumental in her move to CO and her enduring success. He remains a clear and vital force in her life even though he passed away in 2015. Abigail has trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, has worked with a variety of coaches throughout her career and has received encouraging words from the one and only Martina Navratilova.

Life in Colorado is good, filled with family, friends and abundant sunshine and her abundant activities with biking, camping and riding horses.