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Hot Product

By GSM - April 18, 2017

Hot Product

Thorlo Experia Running Socks


Our best-selling sock is back in stock! The Experia Running Socks offer a polyester blend that wicks away moisture from the feet, keeping them cool and dry. With a medium density padding on the ball of the foot, toes and heels absorb shock and prevent blisters. 

 - A wide variety of color options are available for men and women!


Wilson Blade Backpack               Tour Backpack 
Lime Green / Black                      Red / White


Wilson Blade Backpack               Tour Backpack 
 $79.99                                     $75.00

With a variety of features, these backpacks are designed with the on-the-go tennis player in mind!

There is a designated padded section for two racquets, a main compartment ideal for a change of clothes, towel, balls and even space for a laptop/tablet. A small pocket, lined with felt, is perfect for your phone, watch or jewelry. Accessory pockets on the outside keep your string, grips, and extra dampness separated so you always know where they are. As an added bonus, the underside of the backpack has a shoe compartment that will keep your clean items untouched. Smart.


Prince Training Ladder


Get your footwork up to par before the summer season begins! This training ladder is perfect for footwork drills on and off the court to ensure you get the most out of every step on the court. Paired with this week's tennis tip, you will be fast and fit on the court!