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Head launches NEW MXG racquet

By GSM - May 2, 2017


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Head's NEW MXG Racquet

HEAD has launched a racquet like no other. Before today, racquets have only offered the benefits of either power or control.  With HEAD’s launch of MxG, now players get both Power AND Control in one racquet.  MxG is the fusion of Magnesium and Graphene Touch (MxG) that provides Power Under Control.

For more information on the new innovative technology and the two new racquets (MxG 3 and MxG 5) please visit

HEAD has designed a new hybrid string, Primal, that was specially designed to deilver unmatched Power and Control.  It was built for players who want to raise their game without sacrificing touch or feel. HEAD is also launching a new replacement grip, Ultimate, that has a micro-textured surface for extra feel and maximum comfort.

MXG Racquets, Primal String and Ultimate Grips will be in stores May 5th. 


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