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Winning Wednesday!

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GSM - May 31, 2017


We have closed the doors at Louisville. Nothing is there. Pass it on. 

We are excited to begin buildout in the new space and will serve up details on our 
new digs in Littleton as they surface. 

Outdoor Block Party at University Hills
Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Ace Hardware will be grilling, refreshments provided, neighbor business will be offering discounts!

Kids tennis court play, music & games!

We'd love to see you at the store to kickoff the season.
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Don't miss a party & Join us!

Wilson Love

French Open first round is now completed.
A few key facts: 

Wilson Stats:

·         Wilson is the most represented brand in the
          men’s draw
·         Wilson comes second after Babolat in the        
          women’s draw
·         40% of the male players 23 years old and
          younger (NextGen) are Wilson players: #1
·         45% of the female players 21 years old and
          younger (NextGen) are Wilson players: #1
·         4 of the 7 french ATP players aged 23 or
          younger are Wilson
·         3 of the 3 french WTA players aged 21 or
          younger are Wilson
·         Our 7 best ranked WTA players all cleared first
          round, unique in the industry
·         Our 7 best ranked ATP players all cleared first
          round, unique in the industry

Now you know.

We Reward our Customers

Did you know we have a rewards program
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Well, Babolat is looking good


Lay your eyes on Babolat’s official racquet of the 
2017 Roland Garros French Open, 
the Pure Aero, matching bags and accessories.

  The Babolat Pure Aero French Open, a choice for pros who blend power and spin effortlessly. To complete the look, the official bag of Roland Garros is the Pure Aero French Open x 12. Babolat also supplies the 70,000 balls that are used during the tournament, the Babolat French Open available in clay and all-court versions.   Babolat also rounds out their French Open collection with a French Open backpack and a variety of accessories such as grip, dampeners and string.





We can take you on a test drive!

We have got a great way to get YOU into a new frame. Test drive our racquets, all weights ranging from power to control, for just $5 per racquet! We will apply the $30 you spent testing out up to 6 racquets to the purchase of a NEW FRAME! Find one you like, we'll knock $30 off the new frame.

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GSM Out and About!

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