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Feature Friday!

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GSM - August 4, 2017

Feature Friday!


Quick Tip! 

Some players have difficulty with their groundstrokes. Reminder words such as mnemonic devices for tennis may help. When using your forehand, tell yourself “palm forward,” when using your backhand, tell yourself “knuckles forward.”


Get in the Zone!


Welcome to the Zone
Peak Performance Redefined
by Scott Ford


"The zone goes by different names. It's known as a peak performance experience. It's also called a flow experience. In Zen it's called satori, an awakening. In Greece, the athletes of the Ancient Olympiad called it arete, meaning excellence in all things. But whatever you want to call it, if you have experienced the zone in any sport, you will remember it.
You will remember: 

- The effortless ease with which you played the game.
-How everything came together. 
- How every aspect of your game started working.
- How you didn't think, you just performed. 
- It was like going on automatic pilot. 

The next time you went out to play, however, no matter how hard you tried to reproduce the zone, you couldn't do it. 

This book outlines that formula. It is a step-by-step process for learning: 
- How to get into the zone.
- How to maintain the zone.

- How to compete in the zone."

Available at Game-Set-Match, Inc.
Centennial & University Hills

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Game-Set-Match, Inc. Team Nights

CTA Twilight & High School Boys tennis players! When can you bring your teams and enjoy a
15% discount!
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We can't wait to announce the opening of our new Game-Set-Match, Inc. Southwest. Some sweat equity is going on to ready it for Littleton and surrounding tennis communities! Tell a friend! 

Want to Ask a WTA player a Q?

Ask Abigail Spears, our friend on the WTA,
a question and she will answer! She loves hearing your questions and reading your comments!
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Abigail Spears has teamed up with Coco Vandeweghe for a First Round win 6-3,6-0 at the Bank of the West Classic in California! 

"Thanks to Game-Set-Match, Inc., I get to sport my new Lucky in Love outfits and enjoy playing in my cute new gear!" ~Abi

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Your Reward!

Have you been cashing in on Rewards or saving them for the next level? You never know when it will pay off big to be a Rewards customer!


Register Here
for our Rewards Program and earn 
1 point for every $1 spent. 

            150 points - Free GSM can of balls with purchase
            300 points - $15 off your next purchase
            500 points - $30 off your next purchase
            750 points - up to $45 string free
            2000 points - 50% off one item*

How to receive your rewards:
1. Enter your CELL PHONE number into the Five Stars tablet.
2. Hit “Y” to confirm your registration by text.
3. If you have previously registered, text “Y” to 578-277

*Excludes demos, balls, ball machines and court equipment. All gift cards receive points when purchased, gift cards are not sold at a discount. Returns will result in the exact deduction of points. Cannot be combined with other offers.
Tennis Tournament Opportunity!

2017 Willow Creek Classic

September 6th - 10th

When: Wednesday, 9/6 (5-7 pm), Thursday, 9/7 (5-7 pm), Friday, 9/8 (5-7 pm), Saturday, 9/9 (7a-7p), 
Sun., 9/10 (8a-4p)

This Non-sanctioned Event offers Men’s and Women’s Doubles, (NTRP 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0); and Mixed 7.0, 8.0.

     - non-sanctioned
     - double elimination or round robin (NO one and              done!)
     - very social / lots of fun
     - free food and drink every night/day
     - official player party Saturday night (Friday night
       very very social)

Mens and Womens Doubles Registration fee:
$20 per person (WC resident)  $25.00 per person (others)
Mixed Doubles Registration fee: 
$10 per person (WC resident)  $15 per person (others)


Mail your registration and check to:
Rick Bolin
7734 South Spruce Court
Centennial, CO 80112

Contact Rick Bolin by email@

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Need a tune-up of your own? 
Let us check the tension on those strings. Been playing often? Not in a while? Both are reasons to get back on the court with the highest racquet performance!
Locations in Centennial & Denver at University Hills.

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