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Feature Friday!

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GSM- August 18, 2017

Feature Friday!!

Health Tip 

12 Strange-But-True Health Tips

These healthy habits might be counterintuitive,
but they really work. 
Linda Melone

Crazy health tricks that really work

Many methods to improve your health are pretty straightforward: to lose weight, eat less and exercise more; to boost your energy, get more sleep; to prevent dehydration, drink more water. Others, however, are totally counterintuitive. The following 12 tips really do work—but they may leave you scratching your head.

To wear a smaller size, gain weight


Muscle weight, that is. If two women both weigh 150 pounds and only one lifts weights, the lifter will more likely fit into a smaller pant size than her sedentary counterpart. Likewise, a 150-pound woman who lifts weights could very well wear the same size as a 140-pound woman who doesn't exercise. The reason: Although a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, muscle takes up less space, says Mark Nutting, fitness director of SACO Sport & Fitness in Saco, Maine. "You can get bigger muscles and get smaller overall if you lose the fat," he says. "The bulk so many women fear only occurs if you don't lose fat and develop muscle on top of it." Cut back on calories and add weight to your workout to lose inches.
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to read 11 more strange tips!

Feature Friday Product

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Want to Ask a WTA player a Q?

Ask Abigail Spears, our friend on the WTA,
a question and she will answer!

Abi has been playing World Team Tennis and loves her team, sharing it's her favorite environment to play.
Allie Kick, Molly Weber, Abigail Spears, JL, Jean Julian Rojer, Benjamin Becker 

"Playing for World Team Tennis is always a blast, especially when I get to visit my family in Springfield and lots of my friends in California. It's the team environment I thrive in and with all the music being played and heckling who wouldn't have a good time? I absolutely love everything except the crazy scheduling of World Team Tennis but even that becomes a fun challenge." ~ Abigail Spears, WTA
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We Reward our Customers

Did you know we have a rewards program
that gifts you discounts? Get rewarded for a racquet tune-up! You deserve it. 


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1 point for every $1 spent.

Your rewards will be entered after every purchase. Rack up points to cash in fast or save up points to really win big! 

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How to receive your rewards:
1. Enter your CELL PHONE number into the Five Stars tablet.
2. Hit “Y” to confirm your registration by text.
3. If you have previously registered, text “Y” to 578-277

*Excludes demos, balls, ball machines and court equipment. All gift cards receive points when purchased, gift cards are not sold at a discount. Returns will result in the exact deduction of points. Cannot be combined with other offers.
Need a vacation?

January 27- February 3, 2018

Book here with ACE & tell them GSM sent you!


Club Med Punta Cana features the largest beach on the island and 75 acres of lush tropical gardens. This resort is perfect for beach, sports, and adventure lovers. This resort combines Caribbean splendor and Latin spice with its Merengue lessons at the beachside nightclub. Guests can also enjoy windsurfing, a flying trapeze or tennis lessons at this active-traveler vacation spot.​ From swinging on a trapeze to swinging a golf club, to enjoying fine dining, there’s something for every getaway-lover. The 13 tennis courts in a paradise setting make it a perfect getaway for tennis groups.

Full open bar and premium beverages at the oceanfront Indigo Beach Lounge, Cielo, Hibiscus Bar and Lounge, and La Cave wine cellar.
Newly renovated restaurants with a gourmet dining experience at buffet-style Samana and Hispaniola Restaurant; plus an all-day snack bar. 
Swimming pool with daily water aerobics and fun pool-side activities.
Beach volleyball court (where we also play beach tennis!).
Sport schools with lessons for all levels in fitness school, windsurfing school, tennis school, golf school and sailing school.
Cirque de Soliel circus center providing over 30 artistic & acrobatic activities inspired from Cirque du Soleil shows!

• Part of the all-inclusive offer
• Supervised by Gentil Circassiens – trained by Cirque du Soleil
• An opportunity to try & learn!

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USTA Tournaments 
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24-hour stringing guaranteed!

Need a tune-up of your own? 
Let us check the tension on those strings. Been playing often? Not in a while? Both are reasons to get back on the court with the highest racquet performance!
Locations in Centennial & Denver at University Hills.

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