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Show me the money! Ok, we will! #USOPEN

GSM - August 26, 2017

Show me the money!!

The 1st Weekend of our US OPEN SALE 
is kicking off to a great start!

We are excited to see you in the store. Please enjoy the sale at our Centennial & Denver@University Hills locations. 

Bring a friend to get the most out of the sale! See you there!


Do you Pickleball?

Do you Pickleball? 
It keeps you social & on the court. Try it out, all gear is ON SALE! 

Pickleball veterans, get ready for great prices!

Legacy Composite Pickleball Paddle

was $79.99, now $56!!!
This paddle has been updated with a fresh design, but is still the same as the classic Legacy that players have come to love. This paddle has one of the smoothest fiberglass faces, with little-to-no texture. Internally, the Nomex honeycomb core provides durability for lots of pickleball playing. 

The Composite Legacy paddle has one of the largest hitting surfaces currently on the market. It has one of the longest overall lengths of 15-3/4” from top to bottom as well as a wide width of 8-1/8”. This paddle also has a shorter handle, measuring 5” in length. When the long length is combined with a stout handle and a wide face, the face achieves the largest possible size. The weight range for this paddle is from 7.3 to 8 ounces, which is an ideal weight for many players. This paddle has a medium-sized grip.

The Legacy Pickleball Paddle is popular among highly competitive players.




Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls (6)

was $18.99, now under $14!!!

The Onix PURE 2 Outdoor Pickleball was designed to perform consistently in all outdoor conditions. Unlike most outdoor balls, the PURE 2 Outdoor ball is produced using an injection molded process and has holes that are all the same size rather than varying size holes. This process generates a long lasting ball that flies true and bounces consistently throughout its life. 

The PURE 2 Outdoor Ball is approved for tournament use by the USAPA under the new rules beginning October 1, 2016. Similar to indoor ball construction, the two halves of the Onix PURE 2 Outdoor Pickleballs are joined together with high heat to create a durable seam. Unlike indoor balls, the PURE 2 Outdoor Ball weighs slightly more and has smaller holes for more consistent performance in windy conditions. 

The Onix PURE 2 Outdoor Pickleball is a game-changer for the sport of pickleball. Meets USAPA/IFP Specifications taking effect October 1st, 2016

Thorlo Experia Socks

was $14.99, now under $11!!!
Designed for carefree feet! Experia is powered by THORLO anatomically engineered pads for foot protection without bulk and weight. The sculpted padding helps prevent blisters and foot pain by absorbing the shearing and impact forces experienced by your feet. Multi-spot design is crafted to allow you to run, walk and play longer, better and most importantly…carefree! If you've ever worn them, you love them. Be smart & stock up!!


Nike Federer Emoji Face

was $34.99, now under $25!!!

Highly fun in a high-performance T-shirt. He tweets in emojis and now he can wear them too! Bring the fun while you play or give as a gift!


Hi Roger!
Sorry, Roger not included.

All available at Game-Set-Match, Inc.

Centennial & University Hills

*Buy one, Get one shoes* 

ALWAYS available at Game-Set-Match, Inc.


We can't wait to announce the opening of our new Game-Set-Match, Inc. Southwest.
Stay tuned for details! 


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