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Winning Wednesday Gifts!

GSM - November 15, 2017

Winning Wednesday Gifts

Game-Set-Match, Inc. is going big this year for the holidays! We are unveiling product bundles so you can gift easy and happily this year for everything racquet sports. Stay tuned daily for gifting ideas and discounts!

Get ready to shop today for racquet tune-up essentials. We are excited to gift you with great discounts--they will each only last ONE DAY so read your emails!

Wednesday, November 15th 
Holiday Gifting Special:

Racquet Tune-up Triple Threat

1 item @15% off 
2 items @20% off 
  3 items @25% off

Been waiting to try a new string? Need something more tacky for your grip? Is your elbow hurting-grab a dampener for a discount! Show your racquet some love and get it tuned-up@25% off if you go with all three essentials.

Here are some ideas: 

           Wilson NXT Power string           

Volkl Biotac replacement grip

Babolat RVS vibration dampener


Gifts for family & friends, Game-Set-Match, Inc.
is your one-stop shop!

Five Stars members will earn points on purchases but rewards cannot be redeemed on gift bundles. Offers cannot be combined. 


​Exchange & Return Policy: Full refund on returns until January 10, 2018. Exchange/In-store credit until January 31, 2018.

Thank you for shopping local!

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