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Introducing Triniti by Wilson & the NEW RF Laver Cup Limited Edition Racquet Exclusively@Game-Set-Match, Inc.

September 22, 2019



Introducing Triniti: the world's first eco-conscious, high-performance tennis ball.

Triniti marks Wilson's first step toward creating a completely sustainable ball for a more perfect planet. 

The first performance tennis ball designed with fully recyclable packaging, Triniti pushes the limits of sustainable performance. Featuring a unique octagonal paper container, the Triniti sleeve is fully recyclable after use. The ball core integrates a unique plastomer material that impressively extends fresh ball feel, while STR Felt provides enhanced durability and is 50% more flexible than the standard ball for better feel at contact. This blend of new core material and flexible felt allows this ball to maintain enough liveliness to exist outside of a pressurized can. Between a combination of innovative ball technology and unique sustainable packaging, Triniti ushers in a new era for performance tennis balls both on and off the court.

Sleeve includes three tennis balls, now available at Game-Set-Match, Inc.


We have the exclusive Autograph Roger Federer Laver Cup ProStaff 97 sq. inch, 12 oz. Limited Edition & the ProStaff 97L Limited Edition for sale @ Game-Set-Match, Inc. while supplies last.

Adam Burbary, Game-Set-Match, Inc. Owner, taking the racquet out for a spin.


Russ & son, Dante Crimone, played Ryan & Adam Burbary in the Father-Son Doubles category at this weekend's Colorado State Open. Adam thought Dante might like to hit another first, aside from playing in his first adult tournament, he was the first in Colorado to hit with the RF Laver racquet! Tennis for all & good luck to all State Open Finalists today!

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