Tactics to learn from US Open Players!

Fight like a Warrior

By Molly Carr - September 6, 2015

September Tennis Tip: Tactics to learn from US OPEN Players!
It can be agreed across the board that watching these male and female athletes of the US Open is inspiring! Their stamina, skill, wit, mental toughness, strategy, technique and dedication to the game are a glowing testament for what it takes to be outstanding tennis players.
The time players on this level dedicate to one goal can be studied. Imagine if you spent double the time on your tennis game as you spend now. Now triple that number and you’re out of a job! Subtract more of your leisure time and time with family and friends and you’re stepping into professional dedication to a craft.
The focus they exhibit is more than admirable, it is a mixture of the meditative state a monk might possess while fighting in a battle with a samurai warrior. They must fight with quiet strategy knowing the battle is long. They must not only take the strikes but return with well thought out moves in the heat of the moment. It’s an exciting combo that keeps us addicted to the game.
You are part of this warrior clan and have felt some of your own victories on the court, albeit a match or just one awesome shot you pulled out. You can play and you can raise your game to that next level. Where to start?
  1. Go to the gym. Take note of Andy Murray’s sweeter bod built for winning…he’s stronger and guess what…he’s winning.
  2. Go play at least 2 people/matches with a friend or someone from the ladder at your local club. The only way to get better at match play is experience (match play). You will learn more about your pitfalls and this is how you will build your warrior spirit-give you something to fight against! www.T2tennis.com   
  3. Hit more with a friend, in a lesson, against the ball machine or someone from a ladder at your local club to work on stroke technique. The more you hit that shot, the better you will hit that shot because your brain and muscles will remember. www.t2tennis.com
  4. Read about the following three shots to add to your fight!
Play 1 exhibited at the US Open that is a winner:
Tricked Ya: Keeping play at the baseline, pull your opponent wide left to the ad court or wide right into the deuce court alley. After they return this deep wide shot, they will be running for the middle T with pretty fair endurance and direction, this is the time to trick them! Go against longest distance to run strategy and instead of going for the opposite edge of the court, go back to the wide court where you just hit and they just exited, you will catch them wrong-footed and running in the wrong direction! (Remember to keep your body language a secret for as long as possible so they don’t anticipate you going back) Tricked ya!
Play 2 exhibited at the US Open that is a winner:
Inside Out: Dishing out a super short drop shot that lands close to the net on your opponent’s side just inside the service box from the alley that bounces outside of the court will get them running and missing. Achieving this stroke will take some practice, learning exactly how to slice the ball. Use backspin to get the job done. Keep your strings facing up, cut that ball in a sweeping motion to turn it spinning backwards. Step forward and lower to the ground to put your body behind the ball therefore generating some strength into your slice. You want to just clear the net and create a spin on the ball that will switch the direction of the ball upon hitting the court to create and inside out move that surprises your opponent, making it a tough get. This skillful shot can work anywhere on the court but placement to the far left or right and at the net = hard to reach spots = almost ungettable but not forgettable!
Play 3 exhibited at the US Open that is a winner:
Triangle: Creating angles will always give you an advantage by design-the court is a rectangle and hitting linear shots will follow the court. Running outside those lines and hitting triangles or lines that do not follow court lines will award you unexpected placement that is tough to get! “Triangle” assumes that you are trying new angles and not just hitting back to baseline play routes.  
Add these plays into your practice and you will be diversifying your portfolio! A warrior doesn’t just hope, they train. Train your body. Train your muscles. Train your mind to fight like a warrior. Winning happens when you are skillful and smart. Get there.
Get on the Court! 
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