Wilson Triad 5: Arm-Friendly & Affordable

Are you looking for an arm-friendly racquet that won’t break the bank? Weighing in at just 10 ounces strung, the new Triad 5 offers an impressive combination of comfort and control. Wilson’s Triad Technology contributes to one of the lowest stiffness ratings available on the market. It also features Power Holes to soak up additional vibration in the string bed.

The Triad 5’s 103 square inch head makes it forgiving enough for beginning adults while still providing stability for intermediate and senior age players. With a slightly extended length of 27.25 inches, it’s easier to access hard to reach balls and generate extra power on serves. Players love that it’s controllable and precise enough to place the ball where they want it to land.

Come demo the new Wilson Triad 5 for just $5 at any of our four stores: Centennial, Denver, Littleton and Boulder.

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