Pickleball, Pickleball and More Pickleball

We recently surveyed our awesome customers and one of the things they said loud and clear was, “More pickleball!” We aim to please, so here’s the latest info on the products and launches for all the pickleball lovers out there...

Onix is one of the hottest new pickleball brands, and their new Z5 paddles are nothing short of amazing. These graphite paddles have excellent touch, offering players outstanding ball control. They come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors that are as fun and lively as they are. Try or buy one at any Game-Set-Match, Inc. location.

Another player favorite is Selkirk pickleball paddles. These super-popular paddles can bet a bit hard to find, and we’re one of the few local retailers to carry them. We recently stocked up on fun, color-wave versions of the AMPED, INVIKTA and S2 paddles. Not sure which one’s right for your game? Ask one of our friendly staff members and they’ll gladly advise.

The sun is out this week, so why not soak up some sunshine during a game of outdoor pickleball? Dura Fast 40 outdoor pickleballs are back in stock at Game-Set-Match, Inc. Pick up a few cans so you’re all set for some outdoor play in the sunshine.

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