The Best Deal You'll Find on a Graphite Tennis Racquet

We all want to get the best tennis racquet deal around, right? Not some low quality, big-box store discount racquet, but a top-rated, full-graphite player’s racquet that can compete with industry leaders like the Babolat Pure Drive. The good news is, we’ve got the deal you’ve been waiting for.

For a limited time, Game-Set-Match, Inc. is offering the tennis racquet deal of the decade on the Asics BZ100. This graphite racquet received excellent reviews from sites like Tennis Warehouse. Click here to read their review or watch their review video

As they state, the Asics BZ100 offers an ideal blend of power and control with a 100 sq. inch head and spin-friendly 16x19 string pattern. It has a crisp, firm feel on groundstrokes and is ultra-maneuverable at the net on volleys. This racquet is ideally suited for intermediate and advanced players, but is also suitable for beginners looking to quickly improve their skills.

Tennis Warehouse already sold out of them, but we’ve got a secret stash of Asics BZ racquets and bags that we’re offering to you at crazy low prices. You won’t find these deals anywhere else! 

Our pricing:  These racquets come pre-strung ($34.99 value)!

At these low prices, the Asics BZ100 is the perfect student tennis racquet or family tennis racquet. Whether you’re a parent looking for a racquet for your kid (or even racquets for the whole family!) or a coach looking to equip your team, you won’t find a better deal around. This offer is also a great opportunity for tennis clubs and academies to purchase a bunch of stock racquets at rock-bottom prices.

Take advantage of this awesome deal today. With COVID-related manufacturing shortages, it’s getting harder and harder to find deep discounts on quality racquets like this!
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