The Wilson Clash Gets a Platinum Level Makeover

Every once in a great while, a racquet comes along that sparks a new legacy. In 2019, Wilson premiered the first-ever Clash, and it quickly became the best-selling racquet in the world. 

With more flexibility than any other racquet previously made, plus an impressive amount of stability, the Clash took balanced power and control to new heights. Gone were the days of sacrificing power for control or visa versa; now you could have both in one racquet. 

Players all over the world sang the Clash’s praises and shouted them from the rooftops. It earned an almost mythical status – even without a flashy exterior. Now, the Clash is getting the platinum makeover it deserves.

On April 15, 2021, Wilson launched the brand-new Clash Silver. At its core, it’s the same great racquet that players worldwide wouldn’t change, but its exterior has been elevated to platinum status. The Clash Silver is the rare racquet featuring both elite performance and platinum aesthetics to match.

Game-Set-Match, Inc. has a supply of Clash Silvers, but we don’t expect they’ll last long. With manufacturing shortages limiting the production of racquets worldwide, ultra popular racquets like this are getting harder and harder to come by. Purchase your Wilson Clash Silver today by shopping online or stopping into any Game-Set-Match, Inc. location

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