New Volkl V-Cell 2 & V-Cell 10 Tennis Racquets

Whether you’ve been playing with Volkl tennis racquets for years or have yet to pick one up, you’re going to want to check out these two new powerhouse racquets from Volkl: the V-Cell 2 and V-Cell 10. 

The all-new V-Cell 10 is a thinner-beam player’s racquet. Its new and improved beam shape and taper provide a great feel combined with loads of power and spin. This racquet also features a V-Sensor Handle and VTEX butt cap for added comfort. Weighing in at 10.6 ounces, the V-Cell 10 might just be the most comfortable racquet in the lightweight players category.

The V-Cell 2 is an oversize racquet with a massive 115 square inch head size. Comprised of the most advanced carbon-fiber materials available on the market, it has a durable frame with improved feel and dampening. Like the V-Cell 10, the V-Cell 2 features a VTEX butt cap and V-Sensor Handle that yields a nice, soft feel. Its extended 27.6 inch length helps players access even hard-to-reach balls, while its light 9.4 ounce weight helps prevent arm fatigue. 

One feature that makes both of these racquets stand out from the competition is Volk’s unique Super Grommet System. This technology enables more string movement and increases the spring effect to yield even more power. 

Try or buy the Volkl V-Cell 2 or Volkl V-Cell 10 at any Game-Set-Match, Inc. location.
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