Introducing Our First "Deal of the Week!"

Game-Set-Match, Inc. has some exciting news for customers! Now through the end of the year, we’ll be bringing you a new “Deal of the Week” every single week to help you gear-up in the off-season. We have a lot of great deals in store, so make sure to check our emails every Thursday and join our Loyalty Program so you don’t miss a single one!

For our first deal of the week, we’re offering a massive 30% OFF our all used tennis racquets. Nearly all our used tennis racquets have already been marked down to super low prices – and now through 10/20/21 you’ll get an extra 30% off the lowest marked price. You won’t find a better deal around!

Many of our used tennis racquets have been reconditioned with new strings and a new grip. So even though it’s been previously loved, you’ll feel like you’re playing with a new racquet!

Why buy used? There are a lot of great reasons players opt for used racquets over new ones. For one, the price is significantly lower. If you’re new to tennis or only play occasionally, you may not be ready to purchase a full-price new racquet, which can cost upwards of $200. With our gently used tennis racquets, you can get a great racquet at less than half the price. This means more money left in your pocket for tennis balls and lessons to work on your game.

Another common reason players shop used is when they’re looking for one of their old favorites. Many players become quite attached to their tennis racquet and want to find another of the same model, which is no longer available new. Manufacturers make slight tweaks to the racquets every year, meaning racquets of the same model are different each year. So, if you’d rather get another of your old favorites versus demo-ing new racquets, used racquets might be the right choice for you. 

Finally, used racquets are a great option for families or schools/programs looking to purchase a bunch of tennis racquets without breaking the bank. At Game-Set-Match, Inc., we carry gently used junior and adult tennis racquets that are perfect for players of all ages. With an extra 30% off, it’s the best time of the year to equip your players.

Are you looking for a specific make/model of used tennis racquet? Simply stop into our stores in CentennialDenverLittleton or Boulder or give us a call. Our team of tennis experts can check the inventory at all four locations to find the racquet you’re seeking. Hurry, this deal ends 10/20/21.
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