Give Your Racquet a Triple Threat Tune-up with our Deal of the Week

Your tennis racquet – it’s your sole piece of equipment on the court and just about the only element of the game you have complete control over. So shouldn’t you keep it properly tuned to optimize its performance? 

This week Game-Set-Match, Inc. is bringing you our famous Triple Threat Tune-up deal to keep your racquet performing at its best. Here’s how it works: Buy one racquet tune-up item and get 15% off; buy two items and get 20% off; or make it a triple threat with three items or more for 25% off! Choose from any of the following items:
  • String
  • Grips
  • Overgrips
  • Grip Collars
  • Grommets
  • Head protection tape
  • Lead tape
  • Dampeners

The Triple Threat Tune-Up discount applies to all brands we carry, including Babolat, HEAD, Wilson, Yonex, Prince, Velociti, ASICS, Gamma and more (some exclusions may apply). Stock up now for the rest of the year to maximize your savings!

If you’re not sure what your racquet needs, just bring it into any Game-Set-Match, Inc. store and our tennis experts will recommend specific tune-ups. Each racquet will need something slightly different based on the racquet’s age, wear and tear, and your desired racquet attributes.

Do you have one racquet you prefer over another of the same model? Most players do! Racquets of the same make/model can have small variations in their weight and balance, causing them to feel slightly different. Our tennis experts at all four stores can add lead tape to your racquet to adjust the weight. For a more detailed racquet analysis, let our Centennial team run a diagnosis on our Racquet Diagnostic Center (RDC) machine ($19.50) to determine difference any differences in weight, swing weight, balance or stiffness. They can then make slight tweaks to make your least favorite racquet match your favorite one! 

Hurry into any of our four Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores in CentennialDenverBoulder or Las Vegas  to get your racquets tuned-up during our Triple Threat Tune-up Deal. This deal ends 12/7/22.
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