We Price Match!

Game-Set-Match, Inc.'s Price Match Guarantee

We’re committed to helping you get the best racquet and paddle sports gear at the very best prices. That’s why we offer our price match guarantee:

We’ll match any authorized dealer’s price on a like-for-like item 365 days a year. 

Our price match guarantee applies to just about every item in our store. However, there are a few exclusions: grips, balls, machines, equipment, labor and items not in stock but listed online. If it's not on that list, we'll price match it - guaranteed!

Need another reason to shop at Game-Set-Match, Inc.? How about our outstanding customer service? What separates us from the big box stores and other online retailers is our industry-leading customer service. Our team of trained experts can give you the advice you need on which new tennis racquets to try, the best pickleball paddles for your style of play, which tennis string can give you more spin or power, and which shoes are best for your unique feet. Unlike ordering online, you can try on shoes and demo paddles here in our store to ensure you leave with the right product every time - no hassling with online returns. 

When you shop at Game-Set-Match, Inc., you can also get your items the very same day. No more waiting days or weeks for your items to arrive. Just stop in and pick-up the items you need, or call ahead and we’ll have it ready when you get here. With four convenient locations in Centennial, Denver, Littleton or Boulder, there’s a Game-Set-Match, Inc. store close to you.

Now more than ever, it’s important to support our local economy. You can do that by shopping local. For over 30 years, Game-Set-Match, Inc. has been locally owned and operated. Our owner and staff are tennis and pickleball players just like you. Not only do we guarantee you’ll get the best deal on our products, we can also guarantee to continue supporting the Colorado tennis and pickleball communities for years to come.