Tennis Court Maintenance Services

Maintaining Tennis Courts Throughout Denver

We have been providing court maintenance, service and equipment for HOA’s, clubs, schools and private courts since 1989. And better yet, our staff who has been providing these services and equipment has been doing it from day one.

Maintenance and service includes cleaning/washing with ground or building water, windscreen maintenance and installation, trash removal, basic fence repair, court product maintenance as well as parts repair and/or replacement.

Benefits of Tennis Court Maintenance –

  • Keeping a tennis facility in tip top shape in an HOA community improves the quality of the neighborhood and is beneficial to home values and resale values.
  • Windscreen maintenance (roll-up in the fall) will reduce damaging snow/ice build-up on the court surface. It will also increase the longevity of the windscreens themselves.
  • Cleaning/washing courts prolongs their surface and helps tennis balls and string to last longer. A clean court is important for lessons, leagues and tournaments while offering a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

We are proud to service 75+ HOA’s, clubs and neighborhoods throughout Denver including –

Air Academy High School
Arapahoe Farms
Bow Mar
Buell Mansion
Castle Pines Village
Cherry Hills
Grant Ranch
Greenwood Village
Heritage Greens
Heritage Village
Piney Creek
Preserve in Greenwood Village
Stonegate Village
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