Grip/Handle Systems


Your Grip Helps You Hit with Pace or Spin

The racquet/paddle grip you use has a big influence on your style of play. This is because the grip is one of the factors that determines how much of spin you put and how much of pace you generate. One grip is not better than another. If you are an aggressive player, choose a grip that allows you to hit through the ball with more pace (think Federer). If you are more of a consistent player, choose a grip that allows you to create more spin (think Nadal).

Size for tennis grip is important and available from 4” to 4 5/8.” The most common is 4 3/8. A grip can contribute to tennis elbow if it is the wrong size for you – the harder you have to work to hold onto your racquet, the harder your elbow is working. There’s a current trend to go a little smaller to help with control.

As racquets become lighter, manufacturers seek ways to improve comfort without significantly increasing weight. Incorporating a shock and vibration dampening system in the handle is the most common method currently used. Dunlop’s ISIS, Head’s No SHOX, Prince’s Air and Volkl’s Sensor handle systems offer help in reducing shock and vibration. Wilson and Yonex also offer comfort systems located in the racquet shaft such as Iso-Zorb and V-Con technologies.