Shoes of all Sizes for all Players

The comfort and health of your body comes before anything else. In many sports, the foundation of your stability and strength comes from how well grounded your lower body is. And to support that, your lower body strength is an important factor in providing the force and power your upper body needs in carrying out an action. With that comes an equal and opposite reaction on the feet. The stronger and more powerful you become as a player, the more the stress your feet experience.

Protect your feet with a stable and durable pair of tennis shoes which should have cushioned soles. This cushioning both absorbs the impact of running around the court on different types of surfaces and it also shields your feet while serving or returning serve. Durable shoes perform well over a prolonged period of time while providing optimum performance. 

We offer a wide selection of brands, colors, styles, fits and sizes for women, men and juniors and will work with you to find the best possible choice. Come talk with us and try some on. We’ve got lightweight, breathable shoes by Nike, Wilson and New Balance and we’ve also got shoes from Adidas, K-Swiss, Prince and Head which are heavier, more durable and offer more lateral support.

Please take advantage of our wide selection of both new and discontinued shoes to find the best fit. We offer a buy one, get one discount for discontinued models. Ask our staff for details.